Corporate Office Cleaning

A clean workplace is a happy workplace. Our corporate office cleaning services are professional and leave your office space looking fresh and sparkling. We ensure your business is ready for any meetings or visitors, and the health and safety of you and your employees is a top priority.

Mindy’s First Class Cleaning has already deployed our corporate office cleaning services to several businesses to learn just what kind of cleaning a corporate office requires. We put effort into keeping you, your employees, and your customers in a clean environment they feel most comfortable in.

Gym/Fitness Center Cleaning Services

One of the easiest places for people to spread germs and bacteria is at a fitness center, yoga studio or gym. Mindy’s First Class Cleaning provides top quality commercial cleaning services to Pittsburgh gyms, yoga studios, and cross-fit areas. We ensure a sterile, fresh environment for your customers to work on their health.

Our gym/fitness center cleaning services are unparalleled because of our own experience at these establishments. We understand the easy to miss spots in gym areas and make sure to wipe and dust all corners of your establishment.

Restaurant/Bar Cleaning

With years of experience cleaning nightclubs and bars, we have what it takes to make your bar, restaurant, or club look brand new. Bars and restaurants can fall victim to nasty spills, stains, and wear. On top of that, bar and restaurant customers expect the highest quality of cleanliness for their visiting experience. Mindy’s First Class Cleaning Services provides that level of cleanliness. We wipe all tables, bar tops, windows, and floors of your bar or restaurant. Mindy’s First Class Cleaning Services ensures you never have to worry about a customer worrying about the cleanliness of your business.

Choose the cleaning services right for your home or business


We sanitize and clean your sinks, toilets, and handrails. Any visible stains are removed. Your paper towels and hand soaps are refilled, and trash is emptied.


A clean kitchen is a happy kitchen. Stop worrying about food spills or floor stains. We wipe all outer surfaces of your kitchen, and can even organize your counter spaces for you.


Floors are abused all day with dirty shoes and spills. Mindy’s First Class Cleaning Services makes your floors shine. All floors are vacuumed or mopped, and any trash is removed from the floors

Wall/Baseboard Cleaning

Once a month, we wipe down your walls and baseboards. Your walls can accumulate dust and dirt, which make your entire business look dirtier. Never worry about sticky, gross walls again with Mindy’s First Class Cleaning’s wall and baseboard cleaning services.

Office/Waiting room/ Communal

Outer surfaces are wiped, as well as all glass and wood surfaces. Electronics are dusted, and telephones are sanitized. Trash is emptied, and counter spaces are organized.

Room Organization

Have a room filled with clutter? No time to organize a space? Ready to utilize a cluttered area? We can sort, pack, organize, and discard the items in a room for you! Our professional room organizers ensure the highest utilization of space in your rooms.

About Us

For 13 years Mindy’s First Class Cleaning has brought sanitary, tidy commercial cleaning services to the Pittsburgh & Westmoreland area. We have handled everything from houses to doctor’s offices, commercial businesses and night clubs. We have even handled hoarding situations and extreme clutter. Our commercial business cleaning services aim to completely satisfy every customer. Call us today for a quote!

We provide corporate cleaning and we offer some of the most competitive prices in Pittsburgh & Westmoreland.